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Spring ORC Week 3

May 23, 2021

“Pavers and Planters”

The fire pit area is finally filled and it looks great! Next to the fire pit is a gray stucco wall that needed more colors and texture. Since I wanted to break up the back yard a bit with some additional elements and color, I decided to create a rock and planter garden in front of the wall and use gray bricks at the border. This will also create a space between the fire pit area for the walkway to go.

I knew I wanted lush, tropical plants for the planters and that I would find what I wanted when I got to one of my favorite wholesale markets in Forest Park. As much as I wanted to buy new planter pots, hubby reminded me that I already had some that I could give new life to instead. Turquoise was my color of choice to spray paint them and once they were dry, we put them in the rock bed and filled the bed with black beach rocks. I chose 4 different plants to go in the planters:

- Bird of Paradise to add height to the wall;

- Lemongrass for mosquitoes;

- Calla Lillies since I already have bulbs;

- Wandering Jew for extra color.

For the walkway between the fire pit and the rock bed, I went with plain gray concrete pavers. Because I wasn’t impressed with anything in the stores, I decided to give them some personality by using color and texture. My plan is to spray paint them dark blue and then go over them in white with a wave stencil I found to give a “tide coming in” kind of look. However, like with everything else, this plan is still in the works so only time will tell if this design we’ll be my final decision.

In the meantime, I’ve been looking for seating to go around the fire pit. I wanted to find

something besides Adirondack chairs, but the only seating that I’ve found that I like are a little out of the budget. Though everything outdoor seating wise is currently out of stock, when I find what I’m looking for, I’ll know.

Hopefully I will get the seating done by the time the challenge is done. However, on the bright side, I‘m much closer to completing this ORC project than with my first attempt so that in itself is a win in my book!

Be sure to check out some of the other participants and their progress by clicking the icon below and stay tuned for week 4!

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