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Beach, Midcentury, 1990's Condo, Oh My!

How this Savannah, GA AirBNB came to be

The topic of the importance of having multiple streams of income has become quite popular lately. With real estate being a hot commodity these days, many have turned to short term rentals as a source to generate additional income. While this venture is not one that does not come with a decent amount in start-up fees, the benefits seem to far outweigh the cons when executed correctly.

Window shopping for homes is something that we definitely enjoy here at VJC. Whether we’re scoping out offerings here in the ATL or perusing homes abroad, viewing all the possibilities that are available at varying price ranges gets our creative juices flowing. When we happen to stumble across a home that catches our eye, we often immediately begin to think about all the improvements we could make and how we could possibly give it that personal touch. So when my client reached out to share that he was in the market for an investment property in the Savannah, GA area that would be used for a short-term rental, I was ecstatic to join him on his journey and help him visualize the opportunity that each property possessed.

After being outbid on a few different properties, my client finally successfully closed on a two bedroom / two-bathroom condo located on Savannah’s Wilmington Island. What drew my client to this particular property was its location and proximity to downtown Savannah and Tybee Island Beach. The fact that the property had an HOA was also an added bonus for him as this meant that he would not have to worry about any exterior maintenance. The property however was in need of a few cosmetic fixes, as the previous owner had clearly let their dog have free rein of the space. Prior to submitting an offer, my client and I had outlined a proposed budget to tackle the most pressing issues in the condo. Creating a budget before closing on the property gave my client a realistic idea of how much it would take to give the space the update that it needed so that he could feel confident about taking on a project like of this size.

Problem Areas

Laminate flooring-The old laminate flooring was buckling and peeling in many areas of the condo and needed to be replaced. As well, the living areas and wet spaces contained two different kinds of flooring, making the space feel smaller

Door and Window Casings-The previous owner’s dog had attempted to chew through the casing around the front door and both windows

Paint-The paint throughout the condo was heavily scuffed and the color further dated the space

Lighting-The main living space did not have any lighting sources and the other fixtures appeared to be original to the space and need to be updated

Plans for Improvements

Luxury Vinyl Planks Throughout-Having one continuous floor throughout would make the space look bigger and bring a better flow to the space.

Replace the damaged casing- The damaged casing would all be replaced with a similar style casing to keep with the overall look of the condo

Fresh paint- The ceiling and walls would all be refreshed with a more modern shade of paint to give the space new life

Electrical work-The space would be wired to accommodate recessed lighting in the living room and bedrooms to provide much needed lighting sources

Design Time

When it came time for my client and I to get specific about the overall design of the space, my client shared that he wanted the space to have a beachy, bright, midcentury vibe. He also shared that he had already purchased flooring for the space. With this in mind, I began creating a design plan for the space that would evoke the feeling that my client was going for. The flooring that my client had previously purchased was a walnut shade, so we decided on a shade of white that had subtle blue undertones that would complement the floors and the rest of the proposed furnishings for the space.

Wall Color: Spatial White

Once the flooring was in and the walls and ceiling had been painted, the wallpaper was installed in the primary bedroom. The green, palm-like wallpaper from Backdrop was the perfect addition to this room as it provided that beach vibe that my client desired and a nod to the 50’s and 60’s area in which midcentury style flourished. To further add texture to the space, we went with a natural jute rug for stepping in and out of the bed and distressed nightstands on each side of the bed for additional storage. The space was finished with wall art depicting a tidal wave coming into shore to play off of the wallpapered accent wall.

Since the condo only measures at 900 square feet, we did not want the space to be overwhelmed with hanging light fixtures. However, we did want the guest to have a wow moment when entering the space, so we went with a fun, modern hanging light fixture above the dining table to help draws guest in. The light fixture was strategically hung at a height that would not interfere with dining guests but complemented the wall art on the adjacent wall.

While working while on vacation is generally frowned upon, we still wanted to provide a separate, dedicated space for guests to be productive should they need it. The addition of a workspace in the secondary bedroom helped to accomplish this and still allowed for guests to comfortably maneuver around the room without it feeling overcrowded. The fact that the space has its own big picture window facing out to the grounds of the property was an added bonus as guests can still take in the surrounding nature while knocking out a few important tasks.

Ready for Guests

With the finishing touches in place, this condo is ready to welcome families and friends of all ages to Savannah. Most importantly, with an almost full calendar for March and April, my client is feeling confident about his investment and inspired to take on his next short term rental property.

So tell us, did we hit the mark on this bright, beachy, midcentury inspired condo?

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