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Spring ORC Week 2

May 17th, 2021

“Decisions, Decisions”

All of the rain we have been getting recently has made it hard for me to plan the steps for what to do next. So, here I am at week 2 trying to figure out what’s the next best thing to tackle. I know ideas will start flowing soon, but the most recent thing I got done was putting the gravel down in the fire pit area.

Initially I decided to use river rocks to fill the space, but when I went to look at the different types of gravel,( there’s lots to choose from) I ended up choosing slate chips. When it comes to gravel delivery of this size you have two options: you can have it delivered and spread by the gravel company, or you can pick it up and then spread it yourself. We opted to pick it up, shovel it off the truck, and then spread it out ourselves. It was a very laborious process, but it also helped cut costs. After two trips to the gravel yard, it ended up taking us two tons of gravel to completely cover the fire pit area!

“Changing Things Around”

When it comes to the creative design process, things are always subject to change. Initially I was going to leave the extra space adjacent to the fire pit open with the exception of a few large boulders that will be added later. However, I have now decided to add some additional seating and whimsy by adding in a swing to the graveled area. I think it will be a great seating addition that can be fun for hosting as well as intimate for hubby and I’s date nights in. As far as the space underneath the patio, I’m still mapping out my final design for the mural. I’ve honestly never done anything like it so I’m kind of nervous-and that’s probably why I’m saving that portion of the project for last. Next up on our agenda, weather permitting, is to start working on our plants and paver placement.

Here's what I'm envisioning for the boulders and swing.

Stay tuned to see what we have in store for week 3! As well, be sure to checkout the progress of some of the other guest participants by clicking the icon below.

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