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ORC Week 5

June 7, 2021

“It’s Crunch Time”

With only a few more weeks left in the One Room Challenge and my upcoming girls trip to Costa Rica, I have a few more things I have to get done before I leave. One of the changes I decided to make was to change the color on the stucco walls from green to orange since I think it will be a better backdrop for the accent pieces that I found.

I've been trying to think of things that can be done or at least in the works while I'm gone to help keep the momentum going. One such thing is scheduling the gravel company to deliver the boulder that I want for the fire pit. With me being so particular I'm still debating on this as I'm worried that they won't place it how I want it. With these boulders weighing a ton or more, this is definitely a once and done kind of operation, so I want to make sure it's done right the first time. While I did find a man who makes a style of adirondack chairs that I like, I went ahead and ordered some backup chairs just in case he can’t meet the deadline to have the chairs to me before the end of the challenge.

My plan was to get all of the painting on the stucco walls and under the deck done before my husband and I headed to High Point, North Carolina to visit the furniture market this weekend. I'm happy to report that I successfully met that goal! This was my first time not only using an electric sprayer but a power roller as well. Painting in the painter's suit was an experience in itself, but so necessary as I would've had paint all over me. (It's pretty much a sauna suit, so I'm hoping that with all the sweating that I did I lost the last ten pounds I've been working on since January) I would highly recommend investing in one for any large painting jobs that you may have or for any projects where a smooth, even finish is desired. It definitely help cut my painting time in half, which was key in meeting my goal.

The accent pieces that I'm planning on using on the newly painted stucco walls are vintage, metal Palecek pieces that came from a hotel by the beach that I found at a furniture liquidation store. They do need a little sprucing, but it's nothing that a can of pray paint can't fix. I thought they would be great for adding some dimension and texture to the area and I’m excited to see how it brings together the beachy feel I’m going for.

With only 2 weeks left in the challenge, I am getting more excited and looking forward to seeing how the smaller details that are left will bring the bigger picture together. Stay tuned for what will be completed next week!


Stucco Walls Paint-SW Emberglow

Under Decking-SW Byte Blue

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